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21 January 1999 Edition

Unionist obstructionism continues to block Agreement

21 January 1999

This week unfolded with a guillotine vote on Monday, indicating urgent need for all the aspects of the Good Friday Agreement to be fully and immediately implemented. The Interim report on the assembly departments and all-Ireland bodies was adopted with an overwhelming 74 to 27 votes. Free article

Ireland's Cassius Clay

21 January 1999

It's interesting to see the way in which the new film, Southpaw, on the life and times of Francie Barrett has been received by the broadcast media, with both heavyweights of RTÉ - Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny - devoting time to the film on their respective TV and radio shows during the past week. Free article

Big strong men

21 January 1999

``Have you heard about the big strong man, who lived in a caravan?'' No, I'm not referring to Harold Gracey, so it's safe to read on. Free article

Will there be water left to drink in the next Millennium?

21 January 1999

Fears of computer shutdown in 2000 could bring disaster, reports Roisín de Rossa Free article

Peace is still a long way off

21 January 1999

Basque journalist Teresa Toda reports on the continuing difficulties in kick-starting the Basque peace process Free article

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Ná Dumpáil Orainn.... arís

21 January 1999

Má bhí aon duine ag smaoineadh go mbeadh `deachrachtaí' ag polaiteoirí áitiúla na ceisteanna a aimsiú a mbeidh ina gcnámh spairne is mó sna toghcháin amach anseo,nochtadh freagra ar sin an tseachtain seo chuaigh thart nuair a `phléasc' dhá abhar aighnis orainn atá ina n-eiseamláir den saghas aighneas a bheas ann ó anois go dtí deireadh mí Meithimh. Free article

Workers in struggle

21 January 1999

Double standards in local government, Who is to blame? and Shut Sellafield now Free article

Remembering the Past: Gearing up for war: Soloheadbeg 1919

21 January 1999

On the very day that Ireland was asserting its right to govern itself in the Mansion House, Dublin, 80 years ago, an IRA attack, though unconnected, was to have as profound an effect on the course of Irish history. Free article

Back issue: Guiseppe Conlon - Murdered by British Justice

21 January 1999

After having 15 years of their lives stolen from them by the British government, the Guildford Four, Paddy Armstrong, Paul Hill, Carole Richardson and Gerry Conlon, are to be finally granted their freedom Free article

Back issue: RUC - The same old story

21 January 1999

It may be a new year but for the RUC it's the same old story; harassment and beatings in the streets, brutality and torture behind closed doors. Free article

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