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21 January 1999 Edition

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Back issue: RUC - The same old story

It may be a new year but for the RUC it's the same old story; harassment and beatings in the streets, brutality and torture behind closed doors.

Dismal failure, another old friend of the hated RUC, has also been staring them straight in the face from Burntollet to Castlereagh.

A fortnight ago despite a massive show of force (their largest ever except for their August 1977 mobilisation in defence of their English Queen) the RUC failed dismally in their attempt to curb and intimidate the Burntollet Commemoration marchers.

Once again the RUC's indiscipline and violently sectarian sentiments were openly exposed. For example the Dublin `Sunday Independent' carried a front page report describing an RUC `Chief Inspector' viciously kicking a defenceless protester who was being pinned down on the road by other RUC men.

An Phoblacht 20 January 1979

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