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21 January 1999 Edition

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Back issue: Guiseppe Conlon - Murdered by British Justice

After having 15 years of their lives stolen from them by the British government, the Guildford Four, Paddy Armstrong, Paul Hill, Carole Richardson and Gerry Conlon, are to be finally granted their freedom. No ammount of compensation can now make up for the years they spent in English prisons. Nothing can now bring back Guiseppe Conlon, whose police frame-up and conviction was linked directly to that of the Guildford Four.

He died in an English prison in 1980 after spending six years in jail, a sick and dying man. He was one of the Maguire Seven, whose case was part of the web of frame-ups spun by English police in the mid-'70s. The feeling of all the families this week were summed up by Ann McKernan, daughters of Guiseppe and sister of Gerry Conlon.

``My own feelings are that there is no such thing as British justice, they knew from the start they were innocent.

``I only hope something comes up for the other innocent people like the Birmingham Six, the Maguires, Judith Ward and the others.

``No money in the world will compensate for the years they spent in jail, nor can it compensate for the life of my father or the years we wasted visiting prisons the length and breadth of England.

An Phoblacht, Thursday 19 October 1989

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