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14 January 1999 Edition

Scandal of not spending money

14 January 1999

What a scandal! The Christmas trees went up in Dublin's inner city areas which continue to suffer the scourge of heroin. The wreaths were hung on the trees, the mass cards, the tears of those who looked on in silence at the deaths of their friends and neighbours - young people whose lives were destroyed, and little Christmas came and trees came down - to go up again next year, with yet more deaths. Quite unnecessary - quite avoidable. Free article

Right wing tries to derail Colombian talks

14 January 1999

The efforts of the Colombian government and the left-wing Revolutionary Army Forces of Colombia (FARC) to reach some consensus in relation to the beginning of a possible peace process in Colombia could be delayed after the killing of at least 150 peasants by the right-wing United Self-Defence Groups of Colombia (AUC). Free article

Dícoimisiniú Cumhachtaí an `Elite' sa Choimisiún Eorpach

14 January 1999

Caithfidh go dtagann an fearg céanna ort is a dtagann ormsa nuair a chloistear figiúirí ar nós £3.5 billiún d'airgead pobal na h-Eorpa bheith caite go calaoiseach ag lucht cumhachta an Choimisiún Eorpach. Free article

Workers in struggle: Is this the real EU?

14 January 1999

Corruption, cronyism and fraud. These are just three of the charges levied at the door of the EU Commission by the European Parliament this week. After all the hype of the single currency launch in early January another side of how EU institutions operate came into public view. Free article

Back issue: Growing support for men in H-Block

14 January 1999

The growing support for the men `on the blanket' in H-Block has made itself felt in a variety of ways during the past few weeks. Free article

New in print

14 January 1999

New Perspectives on Ireland: Colonialism, Home Rule as Rome Rule and 1798 - Myth and Truth Free article

Cinema: Southpaw

14 January 1999

Boxing has always been a route via which young men from deprived backgrounds make it out of the ghetto, but in Irish boxer Francis Barrett's case, the reality is more complicated. Free article

Television: Rats and sinking ships

14 January 1999

Rat (Channel 4) Lost at Sea (C4) In Memory of Stephen (BBC1) World Darts Championship (BBC2) Free article

Editor's desk

14 January 1999

It was a republican marketing executive's dream. A dollop of free publicity in the world's highest selling Sunday newspaper to help you get rid of those last few calendars.

The News of the World duly obliged with a ranting and raving spread last Sunday. ``We reveal IRA's sickest stunt ever'' they screamed, which, for a British tabloid, is really saying something. They printed... Free article

Dúirt siad...

14 January 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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