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14 January 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

They threatened to shoot my parents and rape my 14-year-old sister and said they would have me shot and it would appear in the papers that the UVF would claim responsibility. What makes it ridiculous is the fact that we were all living openly here and the RUC never once tried to extradite us and yet they let warrants for us remain in operation.

Derry man Gerry McGowan after murder charges were dropped against him by the RUC 20 years after fleeing his home in Derry.


The next steps in the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement are clearly visible. the executive must be set up and the all-Ireland Ministerial Council established. There can be no further equivocation on this issue. The Agreement is very clear on both the timeframe and the chronology for the establishment of these institutions.

Gerry Adams in an article in the Irish News, Friday 8 January.


The Agreement does not have any precondition for decommissioning in advance of the formation of the executive, and it must be done as quickly as possible to allow the Assembly to function properly and prepare for the handover of power to local politicians.

Alliance Assembly member Eileen Bell calling for Sinn Féin's inclusion on the executive last Friday.


Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is right to identify this unionist veto as the block to political progress. He is also right in targeting Mr Trimble as the problem. Trimble's prevarication is also against the wishes of the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland as a whole. They backed the deal in the referendums; they are entitled to see it implemented - and swiftly.

Irish News editorial. Friday 8 January.


The one group of public servants - in fact the one profession - which has not forfeited public respect is the nurses. They do valiant work for very little. Contrast their pay with that of doctors, medical consultants, etc. The least the nurses could expect is that their claims - however these may be whittled down in negotiation - should not be met by a governmental mindset which describes them from the outset as ``outlandish''.

Tim Pat Coogan on the nurses pay demands. Ireland On Sunday, 10 January.


Nurses are prepared to stand their ground and if that means a nationwide strike then so be it.

SIPTU Nursing Officer Oliver McDonagh.


I call on the RUC to state publicly what justification they had for this intrusion into the grief of a family who only wanted to bury their father and to mourn privately. Once more this discredited force showed its incapacity to respect the privacy of a grieving family.

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly on the RUC harassment of mourners at a funeral in Ardoyne last Saturday.


If David Trimble's prevarication and insulting language results in the collapse of the Assembly, let me guarantee him that Sinn Féin will not be going away.

Mitchel McLaughlin. Irish News, Monday 11 January.


The Ulster Unionists in the course of [the] negotiations negotiated on the decommissioning issue among others. They lost the discussion and the debate on that particular issue. It is a pill they are going to have to swallow instead of running around trying to change the prescription.

Martin McGuinness. Tuesday 12 January.

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