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5 November 1998 Edition

Ballymun - promises of a brighter future

5 November 1998

Roisín de Rossa examines the biggest regeneration project in the history of the 26 County state Free article

Long march to equality

5 November 1998

It is ten years since Oliver Kearney, founder member of the Fair Employment Trust, a body set up to investigate fair employment practices in the north, published a pamphlet entitled ``A Long Road To March''. Free article

The demise of the smaller farmer

5 November 1998

Roisín de Rossa looks at the crisis in agriculture which brought 40,000 farmers onto the streets of Dublin last week Free article

Report legitimises ANC's quest for freedom

5 November 1998

The 3500 pages might have seemed at first sight too detailed. But the subject has been too long censored. The final report of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) presented by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to president Nelson Mandela last Friday in Johannesburg is in many ways the collective album of the oppressed and terror-bound nation during the apartheid regime. More than the fruit of a process designed to encourage reconciliation, the report acknowledges the legitimacy of the freedom struggle. By recognising the aims and methods of President PK Botha's terror reign, it gives full credit to the ANC's freedom struggle. Free article

Gineann caipitleachas ré rosaigh - arís!

5 November 1998

Nuair a thosaigh an t-aothú airgid in oirthear na hAise an tráth seo anuraidh mheas go leor tráchtairí nach raibh ann ach deacracht réigiúnach. Níl aon duine den tuairim sin anois. Tá geilleagar an-chuid tíortha curtha as riocht agus tá an córas idirnáisiúnta caipitlíoch faoi strus. Tá an táirgíocht maolaithe go mór ar fud cheantar an Aigéin Chiúin. Féach mar atá an tSeapáin buailte agus is í sin an dara geilleagar is mó ar domhan. Free article

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Workers in struggle

5 November 1998

CIE workers the key to transport strategy and Will McCreevy end ward closures? Free article

Sportsview: Irish News lines out for the RUC

5 November 1998

The Irish News has launched a full-blooded campaign to ensure that the Donegal Celtic v RUC soccer match on 14 November takes place. The West Belfast club has been asked, by Sinn Féin, relatives of RUC victims and some local people, to pull out of the fixture. The Irish News says the club's players and committee want it to go ahead. Free article

Remembering the Past: The United Men and the Maiden City

5 November 1998

In the winter of 1795-6 the Society of United Irishmen began organising in the northwest. By the summer, Derry loyalists were warning Dublin Castle that `every mischief is to be dreaded'. Free article

Back issue: Talks welcome but 6 Co independence not

5 November 1998

To clear up any misunderstanding which may have arisen due to inaccurate media reporting of the debate on ``Talks with Loyalists'' at this year's Sinn Fein Ard Fheis, Gerry Adams, Vice-President, issued the following statement: Free article

New in print

5 November 1998

Two Birds/One Stoned, From Patriots to Unionists - Dublin Civil Politics and Irish Protestant Patriotism 1660 to 1840, Celtic History and Literature Review and The Two Hughs and the Battle of Yellow Ford Free article

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