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5 November 1998 Edition

Terror fills vacuum

5 November 1998

The political vacuum created by David Trimble's refusal to implement the Good Friday Agreement is now being filled by loyalist terror gangs. Free article

Loyalists murder North Belfast nationalist

5 November 1998

``Nationalist communities in Belfast fear a renewed loyalist sectarian murder campaign following the weekend murder of Brian Service, a Catholic community worker in North Belfast'', says Sinn Fein councillor Mick Conlon. Free article

RUC informer drive ``act of war''

5 November 1998

With An Phoblacht receiving a stream of reports from nationalists complaining of RUC attempts to coerce them into becoming informers Sinn Fein's Northern chairperson Fra McCann has accused the RUC of ``building for war''. Free article

Crown forces saturate Cappagh

5 November 1998

The rural community of Cappagh, Co Tyrone was placed under siege for over 96 hours in a joint RUC/British Army operation that started on Thursday 29 October. Finally, at 7pm on Monday local people confronted the crown forces, who were forced back into the fields and waiting helicopters. Free article


Saoirse debates its strategy

5 November 1998

At the second annual Saoirse Conference, held in the Felons' Club in West Belfast last Sunday to decide its strategy over the next year, activists were reminded that, despite the campaign's success in mobilising families, raising the profile of the prisoner issue and its major role in achieving releases thus far, the struggle on behalf of POWs is not yet over. Free article

Cosy caravan for two - mother and son.

5 November 1998

``I am suffering for the sins of the world,'' says Francis Kerrigan. More to the point he is suffering for the sins of the Tipperary North Riding County Council housing authorities, who have left Francis, who has spina bifida, over three years, in an unserviced 14ft caravan, which he can't get in or out of. ``If they ever get to the gates of heaven, they'll never be let in'', he adds. Free article

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