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17 September 1998 Edition

Horses for courses

17 September 1998

So, what's next on the agenda? The team are in Stormont, they're negotiating away on our behalf, and all we have to do is sit back and watch the victories unfurl on the TV screens every so often. Is that it? Surely, I hear you ask, there's still work to be done... and you'd be right. Free article

``Greedy bastards'' make poor poorer

17 September 1998

British Trade Union leader, John Edmunds, enraged the Man Utd press earlier this week when he said that bosses, who awarded themselves £50,000 increases while denying their workers fair pay, were ``greedy bastards''. It's not only in post-Thatcher, privatised Britain that the rich are grabbing a large slice of the available wealth. Free article

Possible ETA ceasefire

17 September 1998

In what is being seen as a major breakthrough in the Basque conflict Herri Batasuna (HB), Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) and United Left (IU) - political parties involved in what has become known as the Ireland Forum - together with another 30 social organisations and trade unions, have signed the Lizarra Agreement. The document, published last Saturday, marks the way forward for a political resolution of the Basque conflict. There are strong rumours that an ETA ceasefire is imminent. Free article

Oideas Fial

17 September 1998

Ina dhiaidh don Chomhphobal Eorpaigh an solas glas a thabhairt do dhíolacháin an druga Viagra ar fud na hEorpa an tseachtain seo tá an rialtas anseo ag machnamh an gcuirfí nó nach gcuirfí an mearbhalldruga, druga ní mór a chuimhniú atá déanta in Éirinn, ar fáil tríd an córas Séirbhís Leighis Ginearalta. Free article

Workers in struggle

17 September 1998

No to workfare and Aer Lingus set for sell off Free article

Sportsview: Offaly's revenge

17 September 1998

Sunday saw a fittingly unpredictable end to a particularly tumultuous season for the Offaly hurling team. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Constance Markieviez - aiming for the stars

17 September 1998

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Constance Markieviez was born into the aristocratic class, the wealthy Gore-Booths of Co Sligo. At a young age she married a Polish aristocrat, Count Markieviez, and they had a daughter, Maeve, their only child. The marriage did not last very long and they parted amicably. Free article

Back issue: Documents, talks and noises

17 September 1998

Last week saw the beginning of a public debate on the analyses exchanged by Sinn Fein and the SDLP during their series of talks. It also saw an attempt by the Irish political establishment to, in the words of Progressive Democrats leader Des O' Malley, ``seize back the initiative from the men of violence'', in the form of a re-launch of the invitation to unionists to talk to the Dublin government. Free article

New in print

17 September 1998

The Golden Sun of Irish Freedom Ñ 1798 in Song and Story and The Ô98 Reader Ñ An Anthology of Song, Prose and Poetry Free article

Television: Too much sex

17 September 1998

The Viagra Revolution/Hollywood Sex (Sky One) Touch `N Go (BBC2) Kenny Live/All Ireland Hurling Final (RTE1) Alex Ferguson/The Murdoch Takeover (UTV) Free article

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