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17 September 1998 Edition

A new arena of struggle

17 September 1998

Sinn Féin has begun its participation in the new Six County Assembly. The party has emphasised that it has come to the Assembly positively and constructively and will view this institution and the new Executive as transitional and as arenas of struggle - among many arenas of struggle - in which republican objectives will be pursued. Free article

First POWs walk to freedom

17 September 1998

Mary Maguire was at Long Kesh last Saturday for the first prisoner releases under the Good Friday document Free article

Commission has over 1000 submissions

17 September 1998

A last-minute rush is believed to have brought the number of submissions to the British government's Commission on Policing to over a thousand, just a week after the Commission had complained that it had received less than 300 submissions. Free article

The heart of bigotry

17 September 1998

Unionist support for a picket at the Aghadrumsee Primary School outside Roslea in Co Fermanagh last week has been branded as ``defending the indefensible'' by local Sinn Fein councillor Brian McCaffrey. Free article


Vindictive RUC raids in Derry

17 September 1998

The RUC carried out a series of house raids, described as ``vindictive'' by local Sinn Fein councillor Peter Anderson, in the nationalist Brandywell area in Derry on Thursday 10 September. The raids are believed to stem from an incident during the 8 August Apprentice Boys march, when an RUC man fired a number of live shots in the air after he was assaulted by a number of youths. Free article

Calls for total demilitarisation

17 September 1998

British troops may have left the streets in the Greater Belfast area as a much trumpeted first step in demilitarising the Six Counties but they are still busy in South Armagh and Fermanagh. Free article

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