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11 June 1998 Edition

The Battle of Ballynahinch

11 June 1998

Marcas Mac Ruairi chronicles the battle which ended the United Irish Rebellion in Ulster 200 years ago next week Free article

Voice of the voiceless

11 June 1998

I told the editor some weeks ago that I would have to give up this column. Pressures of studies and deadlines to be met mean that some activities - stimulating as they may be - have to be foregone at least for now. I'll miss the handsome salary of course, but sure... Free article

Touting for respectability

11 June 1998

One night last month, just before the referendums, I watched a late night TV show which discussed the effects of violence over the past 30 years. Free article

Brazil's poor take action

11 June 1998

It would appear that sections of Brazil's impoverished majority have begun to take matters into their own hands. Tired of official indifference and the inability of this very wealthy country to feed its own, people in the northeast of the country have been carrying out their own form of wealth re-distribution. Free article

Bréagáin núicléacha ag tiarnaí cogaidh - féar ag na daoine

11 June 1998

Cloistear miotas ó thráth go chéile gur éirigh leis an India neamhspleáchas a bhaint amach gan doirteadh fola. Ó léirscrios Amritsar i 1919 (gan dul níos faide siar ná sin) go dtí 1947 d'fhulaing náisiúnaithe Indiacha bás, díshealbhú agus príosúnacht gan triail ar na mórchóir, bliain i ndiaidh bliana. (I 1932, mar shampla de bhliain amháin, bhí 66,000 Indiach ina bpríosúnaigh pholaitiúla.) Free article

Workers in struggle

11 June 1998

Just another working week? and Bundesbank rules Free article

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Sportsview: Reggae Boyz Abu!

11 June 1998

The World Cup has kicked off and in the fine republican tradition of standing up for the underdog, An Phoblacht is not concentrating on the so-called classier or biggger sides. The commercialism and big business stranglehold has not failed to dampen my enthusiasm for the beautiful game's biggest showpiece. Free article

Back issue: RUC again accused of torture

11 June 1998

The Crown is accused once again of brutality against political suspects, particularly in the Royal Ulster Constabulary interrogation centre in Castlereagh, by Amnesty International. The organisation's report was presented to the British government on 26 May and asked for a public inquiry into RUC interrogation methods. Free article

New in print: What's in a name?

11 June 1998

Celtic names for children By Loreto Todd Published by O'Brien Press Price £4.99 Free article


11 June 1998

Red Corner The Apostle Free article

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