11 June 1998 Edition

British exposed in police commission row

11 June 1998

``Too clever by half,'' was how one American columnist summed up British antics around the appointment of members of the new commission on policing in the Six counties. Free article

RUC put lives in danger

11 June 1998

The lives of women and children in the Beechmount area of West Belfast were endangered last week when crown forces carried out two controlled explosions on a suspicious device without first alerting the residents or clearing the area. Free article

Deep concern at suicides increase

11 June 1998

Sinn Féin Youth activists in Dublin have expressed serious concerns at recent revelations of a further escalation in suicide rates, most especially among young people. Free article

Harassment increases

11 June 1998

RIR and RUC harassment and attacks on Nationalists in Craigavon have escalated in recent weeks. Free article

Sinn Fein takes the chairs

11 June 1998

Parties who traditionally opposed the election of Sinn Fein members changed tact and in the past weeks supported SF candidates for top posts in a number of councils in the Six Counties. Free article

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Felons club continually harassed

11 June 1998

The members of the Felons club in West Belfast chose Sunday, the day of their AGM, to stage a protest in front of Andersonstown RUC barracks. Several hundred formed to denounce the ongoing campaign of harassment by crown forces. Free article

Support for residents' opposition to march

11 June 1998

Springfield Road residents this week signalled their determination to resist the Orange parade and attendant RUC and British Army curfew which passes through their area every summer by unveiling a mural opposite Lanark Way on the Springfield Road. Free article

Equality now

11 June 1998

A seminar on equality called in response to the British government white paper ``Partnership for Equality'' was held in the Fall Community Council on 4 June. Free article

Gardai attack anti-mast protestors

11 June 1998

Gardai protecting an ESAT phone mast site attacked women and other peaceful demonstrators in Keel, Achill Sound, Mayo. 117 gardai - some in riot gear - formed a human chain around the Garda station to hold back 300 locals and allow the mast to be built. Free article

O'Toole urges anti-drugs campaign to continue

11 June 1998

Larry O'Toole, who was shot with his son at a Communion ceremony in Ballymun last month, has praised the anti-drugs movement and urged people to continue their campaign. He was speaking at a crowded meeting in Darndale Community Hall on Monday night 8 June. Free article

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