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7 May 1998 Edition

Palestine - the failed peace process

7 May 1998

So it's come down to this: the elected head of the Palestinian nation pleads for 13 percent. Israel counters with an offer of nine percent. Vested interests, in the guise of mediators, attempt to fashion a deal: one percent here, one percent there. Ultimately, Arafat's entreaties are rebuffed and he returns home as he arrived - empty-handed. Free article

Díolachán... ach níl sé thart fós

7 May 1998

Nuair a bhí cónaí orm i gCathair na Gaillimhe, bliain ó shin sular bhog mé anoir go dtí Baile Átha Cliath, ba ghnáth liom dul ar shiúlóid go rialta tríd an Fhaiche Mhór, agus mé ag amharc i bhfuinneoga na siopaí éagsúla ach gan móran pléan agam aon rud a cheannacht. Is cuimhin liom, trí nó ceithre mhí sular fhag mé Cathair na dTreabh i mo dhiaidh, go bhfaca mé fógra mór i bhfuinneog siopa áirithe i bpríomhchearnóg na cathrach: Sladmhargadh! Siopa le Dúnadh. Díolachán ag Críochnú Dé Luain. Cheannaigh mé trí pheire stocaí de bhrí gur shíl mé nach mbeadh a leithéid arís ann. Sóineanta, nach mé? Free article

Sportsview: Put the Champers on ice

7 May 1998

Celebrations are on hold for another week as another cock-up by the men in green and white gave Celtic fans more grey hairs. Dunfermline gave Rangers a lifeline after their home defeat at the hands of St Johnstone. Free article

Back issue: H-Block Heart Attack

7 May 1998

A young Belfast member of the republican movement, Paddy Loughran, has suffered a heart attack as a result of the terrible conditions prevailing now in the H-Blocks of the Long Kesh Concentration Camp and has been transferred to hospital. Free article

New in print

7 May 1998

Between War and Peace The Political Future of Northern Ireland , Book Review: Postmodernism and The Other: The New Imperialism of Western Culture by Ziauddin Sardar , Wasting by degrees and Clone: The Road To Dolly And The Path Ahead Free article

Television: Forgotten

7 May 1998

Children of Shatila (BBC2) Something changed (RTE Radio 1) The Life of Francis Stuart (Network 2) (Undercover) Free article

Editor's desk

7 May 1998

A judge in Belfast Crown Court freed RUC officer Allen McQuade on a 12 month suspended sentence saying his long RUC service saved him from a prison sentence.

The court heard how McQuade covered the tracks of an RUC sergeant after a drugs package ``vanished'' from Newtownabbey RUC barracks. The drugs had been handed in by a couple after it had been posted to their Co Antrim home... Free article

Dúirt siad...

7 May 1998

The week in quotes... Free article

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