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7 May 1998 Edition

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Back issue: H-Block Heart Attack

A young Belfast member of the republican movement, Paddy Loughran, has suffered a heart attack as a result of the terrible conditions prevailing now in the H-Blocks of the Long Kesh Concentration Camp and has been transferred to hospital.

One of the factors which aggravated the heart attack was the savage beatings of the younger prisoners, in the 18-25 age group. Paddy has been nine months on the blanket.

Last week a gang of fifty screws entered prisoners' cells, dismantled bunks and removed steel frames, leaving the prisoners with only their mattresses on the filthy concrete floor.

It is believed in Belfast that many of the 299 H-Block prisoners are seriously ill and that some of them have accompanied Paddy to hospital wards.

But there are still seriously ill men who need hospital treatment for such complaints as ulcers but who are not getting any more useful treatment than tablets.

Relatives of prisoners who visited our Dublin office last week asked us to tell readers of a very simple but effective way to help the valiant prisoners of war: ``Send telegrams or letters or even post-cards to Amnesty, to the Red Cross in Geneva, to the Human Rights Commission in Strasbourg, to the United Nations Organisation and suchlike bodies, as well as to leaders of public opinion at home and abroad.''

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