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5 March 1998 Edition

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Back issue: Comrades in cause for freedom

The Irish Republican Army lost two of its bravest and most dedicated volunteers when a bomb, which was being transported prior to an attack on a military installation in South Armagh, prematurely exploded last Monday.

IRA volunteers Brendan Moley (30) from Newry Road, Crossmaglen, and Brendan Burns (30) from Dorsey, Cullyhanna, had been members of the republican movement since they were 16, when they joined Fianna Eireann. Although they were in different sluaite, they both attended the local Crossmaglen secondary school and a strong bond of friendship quickly developed. It was a friendship which turned into an unshakable comradeship when they joined Oglaigh na hEireann a year later and began operating in the South Armagh countryside, a terrain which British forces fear and which both volunteers played no small part in making a no-go area for them.

The British have been gloating over their deaths in the past few days but they should take note: in South Armagh and in every nationalist town, village and city of the occupied Six Counties, volunteers of the Irish Republican Army are now doubly determined and ready to ensure that their comrades fight for British withdrawal and Irish freedom becomes a reality.

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