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19 February 1998 Edition

Dara naíscoil d' Iúr Cinn Trá d'ainneoin ionsaí tine

19 February 1998

TA gníomhaithe teanga in Iúir Cinn Tra ag gealliúint go mbeidh naíscoil san eastát Doire Beag d'ainneoin tine a scrois an portacabin ina riabh an scoil le bheidh lonnaithe. Free article

Workers in struggle

19 February 1998

McCreevy's double standard and Finance ministers' record of bungling Free article

Sportsview: Big guns fall

19 February 1998

A full programme of GAA last weekend as the National Football Leagues and Hurling club championship kicked off again around the country. Free article

Back issue: Repressive act strenghtened

19 February 1998

The repressive basis of British rule in Ireland is further strenghtened with the Prevention of Terrorism Act being made permanent and the Emergency Provisions Act winning praise in a British government report. Free article

New in print

19 February 1998

The Ethics of War and Wildlife Free article

Television: Going downhill

19 February 1998

This Winter Olympics lark just ain't fair. Whatever chance us Irish have of picking up a medal every 30 or so years at the summer games, we've damm all chance of winning at the Frozen Games, being staged this year at Nagano in Japan. Free article

Editor's desk

19 February 1998

This week Dublin Foreign Affairs Minister David Andrews said: ``The Irish government is totally opposed to and condemns utterly, all killings of any person, and for any purpose. We equally repudiate the use or threat of violence for political purposes.''

This makes them the only pacifist government in the world and when the bombing of Iraq commences we can expect to see the British... Free article

Dúirt siad...

19 February 1998

The week in quotes... Free article

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