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16 October 1997 Edition

Loyal sons go marching....where?

16 October 1997

IT WAS THE BEST OF WEEKS, it was the worst of weeks to paraphrase Charles Dickens. Gerry Adams met with Tony Blair - a good sign that means, at last, a British leader was giving his imprimatur to the peace process. Free article

Shake on it

16 October 1997

The last time Tony Blair visited Ireland, prior to his election as British Prime Minister, the headlines in the media proclaimed ``No talks with Sinn Féin''. Free article

El Salvador: threat of war

16 October 1997

Former guerrillas in El Salvador have warned that there will be a return to war unless the government begins to honour the 1992 peace accords. The warning was made by the Association of Ex-Combatants & Victims of the War (AEVG) in response to official inaction over the peace accords. Free article

`Don't give lip to members of the Garda Síochána'

16 October 1997

Dearlraíonn sé gur áit chontúirteach é Copperface Jack's, club oíce i Sráid Fhearchair, Baile Atha Cliath. Bhíodh Dermot O'Dhea as Déide Bayview, Cill Iníon Léinín, ag obair ansin anuraidh mar fhear dorais. Ar 20 Samhain chaith sé duine amach as an gclub. Is chuige sin a bhíonn fir dhoirse ann. Ní dhearna mac Uí Dhea dhá leath dá chicheall leis. Chiceáil sé an fear bocht ó bhonn go baithis. Tharraing sé amach as an áitreabh é agus an ainniseoir beagnach gan aithne gan urlabhra. Caitheadh an duine ar an talamh agus buaileadh a chloigeann de na céimeanna. Free article

Workers in struggle

16 October 1997

EU dictates economic policies, Counting the costs Free article

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Sportsview: The fastest growing sport in Ireland

16 October 1997

What's the fastest growing sport in Ireland? You're right, Women's Gaelic Football (or Ladies' Gaelic Football, as the old-fashioned gentlemen of Croke Park call it). And after watching last Sunday's All-Ireland Finals, it's not hard to see why. 15,000 spectators saw the type of flowing match which the men's senior championship only rarely reproduces. Free article

Remembering the Past: The most unfair trial

16 October 1997

In the second of three articles, Aengus O'Snodaigh marks the 200th anniversary of the judicial murder of United Irish leader William Orr. Free article

Back issue: Seamus Costello assassinated

16 October 1997

Last Wednesday afternoon in Dublin Seamus Costello, leader of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, and prominent republican for over 20 years, was assassinated as he sat in his car. A man armed with a sawn-off shotgun fired two blasts and ran off down into North Strand. The Sticks, whose Republicans Clubs' members in the North had had a prolonged feud with the IRSP in 1975, denied any involvement. Free article

Cinema: An enjoyable con

16 October 1997

Shooting Fish is American slang for conning people. That is exactly what Dylan and Jez do for a living. They are two twenty-somethings who want to get rich quick - they even begin by cutting out every coupon and entering every free prize draw they can find. Free article

Theatre: Sean Penn's Irish play distorts reality

16 October 1997

Sean Penn recently produced a play in Los Angeles which is set in Belfast. Cast in the leading roles are his parents, actors Eileen Ryan and Leo Penn. The play `Remembrance', written by Irish playwright Graham Reid sadly would have been best forgotten. But to write a damning review of this production in this context serves little purpose. Free article

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