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16 October 1997 Edition

Sharp rise in RUC harassment

16 October 1997

Since the IRA cessation began in July one armed group has stepped up its actions. Reports of RUC harassment and attempts to recruit informers have risen steadily. This week we carry reports of a concerted campaign against both Sinn Féin activists and ordinary nationalists. Free article

United Irishmen remembered in Fermanagh

16 October 1997

A fire beacon burned on Pottiagh Hill on Sunday night as over a thousand people gathered in the graveyard below to witness Sinn Fein's Mitchel McLaughlin plant a Tree of Liberty in memory of three United Irishmen executed by the British almost two centuries ago. Earlier, many of the people attending a commemorative parade en route to the cemetry had endured a series of attacks by loyalists. Free article

When Gerry met Tony

16 October 1997

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty was part of the delegation which met Tony Blair. He describes the historic meeting. Free article

Principles and Requirements

16 October 1997

The following is Sinn Féin's submission to Strand One of the peace talks at Stormont Free article


Bloody Sunday: ominous silence from Blair

16 October 1997

Tony Blair refused to comment on Bloody Sunday when pressed by reporters during his first visit to Derry on Monday. Relatives of those killed described this as ``ominous'' especially as it takes place during a flurry of media speculation that the British Government are considering offering only an apology and a new Widgery-type enquiry. Free article

RUC plot to `set up' Belfast republican

16 October 1997

The RUC offered a £5,000 bribe and said they would overlook a driving offence if a West Belfast man agreed to ``set up'' a named senior republican. ``I knew rightly what they meant by set up,'' said Gerard Scott. ``They wanted me to tell them what houses he went into, what cars he drove, what people he associated with and dates, times and places. I have no doubt that the information would be used to assassinate him.'' Free article

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