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2 October 1997 Edition

Don't believe everything you read

2 October 1997

The past week has underlined the necessity for Irish republicans to listen closely to what Sinn Féin leaders say, as opposed to what others claim they say. Free article

Mála Poist

2 October 1997

Still breaking stone

A chairde,

Danny Morrison's review of Peter Taylor's 'Provos' has an "endgame" feeling. 'Provos' itself presents the republican struggle as history. Reports that Sinn Féin sees the Framework Document as the basis for a peace settlement heightens the endgame mood.

In an important restatement of principle (An Phoblacht 11 September), the IRA rejected the Mitchell... Free article

What to do with a billion dollars

2 October 1997

In New York last week the multi-billionaire Ted Turner, the other half of Jane Fonda, announced that he was giving the United Nations a donation of $100 million a year for the next ten years. The billion dollar giveaway was the profit his vast media business had earned him in the previous nine months. He still had a fortune of $2.2 billion left, according to Newsweek magazine. Free article

US in global trade war

2 October 1997

The United States appears to be on the verge of declaring holy war on France. Threats, warnings and other ominous noises have been issuing from Washington, since it was announced that French oil company Total and the Iranian government have negotiated a deal worth some £1.3 billion. Free article

Hollywood cois Life

2 October 1997

Bhuel, tharla sé i nGaillimh agus cad chuige nach féidir leis tarlú i mBaile Atha Cliath...tionscail scannaíochta ar chaighdeán Hollywood!! Seans aniar `Tullywood' na Gaillimhe, tá an t-Ionad Buail Isteach ag beartú scannán gearr a dhéanamh i rith an gheimhridh seo. Free article

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Workers in struggle

2 October 1997

Docklands dilemma, £1,141 million tax write off and Write off the debt Free article

Remembering the Past: An Droch Shaol - The Irish Holocaust

2 October 1997

The Irish Holocaust changed Ireland as dramatically as any other major upheaval in Ireland's history. The most visible was the drastic reduction in population from nearly nine million to six million in the space of five years. Free article

Back issue: Britain in the dock again

2 October 1997

Once again Ireland has received international attention for the abuses of human and civil rights inflicted on its citizens by British state forces in the Six Counties. Free article

New in print: The Decade of the United Irishmen: Contemporary Accounts 1791-1801

2 October 1997

The Decade of the United Irishmen: Contemporary Accounts 1791-1801 Edited by John Killen Published by Blackstaff Press Price £12.99 Free article

Theatre: Spud in the dock

2 October 1997

Coming away from ``The Great Potato Trial', a play co-authored by Nollaig Tate and the late Jack Mitchel, I had this feeling: if Jack were still alive the play would have ended in the same way it did, with his voice echoing around the theatre, hauntingly telling us that `The Praties They Grow Small, Over Here, Over Here....'. The only difference would have been that Jack himself would have been standing on the stage, hand cupped over ear, demanding and commanding the complete silence and attention of the audience - and getting it. Free article

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