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2 October 1997 Edition

Garda brutality inquiry call

2 October 1997

Two human rights bodies have called on the Dublin government to set up an impartial inquiry into allegations of widespread garda brutality in Limerick. Free article

The most shameful sectarianism

2 October 1997

Peadar Whelan visited the family of Robert Hamill in Portadown and found them still the victims of sectarian hatred Free article

McAliskey case in stalemate

2 October 1997

The extradition case against Roísín McAliskey appears to have reached a stalemate after the latest hearing at Bow Street Court on Tuesday. The magistrate Nicholas Evans said that although he is prepared to grant an extradition order against her, he will not do so until she appears in court herself. Free article

Prisoners stripped and beaten in English jails

2 October 1997

Three Irish political prisoners have been assaulted in Whitemoor Prison, England. POWs Hugh Doherty, Harry Duggan and Donal Gannon were brought down individually to a basement cell where they were stripped, assaulted and left naked. The assaults came as prison staff forcibly took DNA samples from the prisoners early last week. Free article


Concern for Irish prisoners in US

2 October 1997

Three Irish political prisoners in the United States have been separated, and one put in solitary confinement for the second time in a week. Free article

RUC try to recruit Lurgan man

2 October 1997

LURGAN MAN PADDY QUINN has told An Phoblacht that a man in plainclothes claiming to be from British Intelligence offered him large sums on money if he would pass on information to him. And as Quinn travelled to the An Phoblacht office, he and three companions were stopped and held for 20 minutes by the RUC on Belfast's Kennedy Way. Free article

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