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21 August 1997 Edition

Appeal from Ogoni hunger strikers

21 August 1997

The Ogoni 20, who are to end their 10 day hunger strike today (Thursday), have issued a message to the world: ``We want all mankind to demand and question the moral, ethical, political and legal grounds for our continuous sufferings - for we are now as good as dead and at best living and walking corpses - and to demand, fight and enforce our freedom. If mankind falters we perish.'' Free article

Cathlann Naomh Pádraig á chomóradh

21 August 1997

D'oscail Ambasadóir na Meicsiceo, Daniel Dultzin, táispeántas ealaíne graifice na Meicisceo i nGaillimh an tseachtain seo mar chuid de chomóradh 150 de Chathlann San Patricio (Naomh Padráig), Éireannaigh a throid agus a cuireadh chun bás ag deireadh an chogaidh idir Meicsiceo agus na Stait Aontaithe i 1846-1848. Free article

Workers in struggle

21 August 1997

Market madness and Department of Finance condemned Free article

Sportsview: Offaly can go all the way

21 August 1997

The truth appeared and spoke to many last Saturday evening in Croke Park. Offaly can go all the way this year and win the All Ireland football championship. A Meath team depleted by suspensions and perhaps psychologically undermined by their arduous Leinster campaign were completely outclassed by a rampant Offaly 3-17 to 1-15. Free article

Remembering the Past: An Droch Shaol - The Irish Holocaust

21 August 1997

The workhouse system was imposed on Ireland despite opposition across the board. During the Famine years thousands died within the workhouses and even more, denied admission, died outside. Free article

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Back issue: IRA let Fenn go

21 August 1997

The IRA has made it clear it chose not to execute Mr Nicholas Fenn, the British Ambassador in Ireland despite being in possession of a confidential Garda document detailing his movements. Free article

New in print: On the Easter Proclamation and Other Declarations

21 August 1997

Pádraig O'Snodaigh reviews an important new study of the Easter Proclamation Free article

Television: Why does the bell toll?

21 August 1997

You have to feel sorry for unionists, and their attitude towards the part of the country they no longer control. Most of the defining moments in their history and culture and identity flow from points south of Newry, yet for them to accept this would be to undermine their political position. Free article

Editor's desk

21 August 1997

After the LVF burnt down their H-Block last week a revealing little comment slipped from the mouth of a Prison Officers Association spokesperson. He said that of all the groups in the H-Blocks the LVF were the ones his men best liked to work with. He said they enjoyed working in LVF wings. He didn't say why and the interviewer didn't ask him. But I reckon that every Blanketman who... Free article

Dúirt siad...

21 August 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

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