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21 August 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

There'd be nobody in there but for a war that's been raging for 27 years in this country.

Former Dublin POW Gerry Burke on his release from Portlaoise Prison.


More people in Northern Ireland speak Chinese than talk Irish.

UUP MP John Taylor after Queen's Students' Union decided to remove its bilingual signs.


We were always treated like second-class citizens, even in our own country. Even my father was passed over for promotion many times until the British left. When I came here it was very disillusioning for me.

Indian woman living in Britain on the 50th anniversary of indepedence from British colonial rule. Irish Times, Thursday 14 August.


Leaving, one could only conclude that there will be no permanent peace in the North until all possible justification for the Maze Prison has disappeared and the wretched place has been demolished brick by brick.

Deaglán De Bréadún writing in the aftermath of the LVF riot. Irish Times, Friday 15 August.


I am satisfied the Bank were attempting to achieve benefits for themselves by depriving or withholding Mr Behan's entry into the scheme.

A judge's comment on a dispute in which the Bank of Ireland deprived a customer of entry into a distress scheme. Irish Times Saturday 16 August.


How bizarre it would be if the political establishment in Dublin and London thought that just because they - who of course have never suffered the consequences of that [Six-County] state, and having now dressed up in the new clothes of consent - felt that everyone should follow suit.

Tom McGurk in the Sunday Business Post 17 August.


I don't believe there is a long-term internal solution that sustains Northern Ireland as an entity.

Congressman Bruce Morrisson in an interview in the Sunday Business Post, 17 August.


The signs were being taken down last night. The union is doing what it can to lessen the impact, but the simple message going out from this decision is that Irish is not acceptable in Northern Ireland. That is quite simply grotesque, and it is deeply offensive.

Editorial in the Irish News on the removal of bilingual signs at Queen's University, Tuesday 19 August.

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