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8 May 1997 Edition

Labouring in hope

8 May 1997

Fern Lane of Fuascailt wonders will Labour's victory be good for Ireland Free article

Music from the heartland

8 May 1997

Freedom's Dawn Price £7.99. Free article

West retains control of Zaire

8 May 1997

Right up to the last, President Mobutu Sese Seko maintained the fiction that he was in control. On Wednesday he left Zaire to attend a supposed summit in Gabon. The summit, remarkably, coincided with a rebel ultimatum stating that he had three days to depart, or be ``chased from power.'' Free article

Beirt idirnáisiúnaí a chronófar

8 May 1997

Fuair beirt den scoth bás le déanaí, Albanach agus Gearmánach, beirt scoláire Béarla, idirnáisiúnaithe a raibh grá ar leith acu d'Eirinn. Free article

Workers in struggle: Currency Chaos

8 May 1997

For the vast majority of us nothing changed last week. Those who had work did it. Those who didn't spent yet another week on the margins of society coping with the reality of long-term poverty. Maybe those who did have jobs went to work with a bit more of a spring in their stride, beginning to believe the media hype of the Celtic Tiger. Free article

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Sportsview: Red Branch Knights

8 May 1997

I should really be writing about snooker and Ken Doherty's World Title, but I'd prefer to write about Tyrone's Red Branch Knights instead. Free article

Remembering the Past: McGuinness wins South Longford

8 May 1997

On the first anniversary of the 1916 Rising, and the political climate throughout Ireland having changed dramatically, Sinn Féin prepared to put its policies to the electorate. Free article

Back issue: Action in South Atlantic provides ammunition to counter anti-republican propaganda

8 May 1997

Glaring examples of hypocrisy from church and political leaders and newspapers over British violence in the South Atlantic continue to provide valuable ammunition in defence of the IRA's use of force in the North which republicans should be exploiting to the full. Free article

New in print

8 May 1997

Ganglands and Dublin in 1798 - Three Illustrated Walks Free article

Television: Nora wastes her day off

8 May 1997

It was invigorating to see the issue of crimes making the number one slot on the RTE News (9pm weekdays) on the bank holiday Monday, beating off stiff competition from the story of two old age pensioners who died of natural causes, and Day 378 of Zaire's Countdown-Till-We-Lynch-The-President. Free article

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