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8 May 1997 Edition

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Music from the heartland

Tape Review


Freedom's Dawn
Price £7.99.

From the opening track with the sound of a British chopper and a republican fife and drum band, through a number of songs paying tribute to local heroes, this tape expresses the staunch republicanism of County Derry, Southwest Antrim and North Antrim.

Fine musicianship and singing feature throughout. I was particularly impressed by Nuala Donnelly's voice in Irish Ways and Irish Laws, one of the best versions I have heard. It was good to hear Ann Brolly of that famous musical family, singing a fine song, the Ballymaguigan Martyrs, about Volunteers Jim Sheridan, Martin Lee and Johnny Bateson. She also has a song about one of the republicans executed at Drumbo by the Free State in 1922, Seán Larkin.

Pól MacAdaimh plays a range of instruments including uileann pipes and has a very powerful song Seven Day Arrest which deserves to become a standard.

A mix of balladry, country rythms and traditional sounds lends variety to this cassette which is certainly a fine showcase of local talent as well as a political expression. The area is to be commended for producing it and it is an example others should follow.


An Phoblacht
44 Parnell Sq.
Dublin 1