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8 May 1997 Edition

The People's MPs

8 May 1997

Sinn Féin has transformed the political landscape with stunning election victories in West Belfast and Mid-Ulster and an increased vote across the Six Counties. Full reports and photos in this special edition. Free article

What will Labour do about McAliskey?

8 May 1997

Eight months pregnant Roisin McAliskey has been remanded in custody for another month following the adjournment of her bail application in Bow Street Magistrates court on Tuesday 6 May. Free article

Bomb target warned by RUC

8 May 1997

Three weeks ago, a submachine gun and ammunition was discovered in a house in Mount Vernon on Belfast's Shore Road. Other material was also found but the RUC refused to say what it was. However within a week, the RUC visited six nationalist homes in the small Bawnmore area of North Belfast, telling the occupants that their personal details were ``in the hands of loyalist paramilitaries.'' Free article

Why not just let them march?

8 May 1997

Why don't they just let them march? is the question asked by many political and church leaders when it comes to the issue of contentious parades. Why not indeed! Maybe the experience of residents living in the County Tyrone town of Newtownstewart on Friday evening 2 May will help these people understand some of the reasons why sectarian parades aren't welcome in nationalist areas. Free article


Hunger strikers remembered

8 May 1997

The heavy rain and dark sky were a most inappropriate backdrop to the march commemorating the 16th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike. But coming as it did in the aftermath of Sinn Féin's stunning election performance the mood was anything but grey. Free article

Priest targeted in sectarian attack

8 May 1997

THE HOME OF CATHOLIC priest Father Joe Coulter was the target of a sectarian attack in the early hours of Sunday morning 4 May. Fr Coulter narrowly escaped injury when a huge rock was hurled through his sitting room window in the loyalist Newbuildings village just outside Derry. Free article

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