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1 May 1997 Edition

Big Ben - symbol of gombeen politics

1 May 1997

Westminster politicians have Big Ben, the House of Commons clock, as their symbol. Leinster House politicians now have their own Big Ben - Ben Dunne, the largest single donor to Fine Gael, contributor to Labour's campaign for the Robinson presidency, alleged financial saviour of Charlie Haughey and dispenser of tidy sums to miscellaneous Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael candidates throughout the state. Free article

Nobel peace winner visits Ireland

1 May 1997

Gerry Adams met East Timorese Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr José Ramos Horta during his visit to Belfast last Thursday 24 April. Free article

Leantar de dhúshaothrú na hAfraice

1 May 1997

Abhar ceiliúrtha é go bhfuil Mobutu na Sáíre ag fáil an airí atá air le fada. Ach nach iontach an rud é nach bhfuil aon chaint sa tuairisceoireacht ar fad atá ag teacht chugainn faoin scéal, ar choilíneachas na Beilge a chruthaigh an phraiseach sa Chongó (mar a bhí) sna 1960í ná ar impiriúlachas na Fraince a choinnigh an gráinneoir i gcumhacht thar na blianta. Free article

Workers in struggle: Tiger roars on workers' backs

1 May 1997

Have you been blessed by the miracle of the Celtic Tiger? Don't worry, you are one of the many who live in the so-called Tiger economy but have been bypassed by the benefits of the economic turnaround achieved over the last decade in the 26 Counties. Free article

Sportsview: It's just not football

1 May 1997

I'm proud to say I'm a cricket bigot - I never considered it a real sport and why fat men loll around with wooly jumpers in the middle of summer with hankies on their heads baffles me. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Patriot priest

1 May 1997

While many clerics have supported the armed struggle of the IRA since 1916, the Capuchin Friars have been particularly noted for their republicanism. Free article

Back issue: Mobilise

1 May 1997

Should the Paisley-Baird controlled United Unionist Action Council order its men out of the power stations beginning next Monday, the leadership of the Republican Movement, in view of the gravity of the situation, intends to mobilise organised sections of the population for this contingency. Free article

New in print: Banished Babies: The secret history of Ireland's baby export business

1 May 1997

Banished Babies: The secret history of Ireland's baby export business By Mike Milotte. Published by New Island Books. Price £7.99. Free article


1 May 1997

Donnie Brasco Free article

Television: Everyone a loser

1 May 1997

Republicans all over Ireland are already at fever pitch in anticipation of our nation's annual triumph at the highest peak of culture, the Eurovision Song Contest. Because of its importance, and because it is cheaper and far safer than cider or magic mushrooms, readers are encouraged to tune in this Saturday evening. Free article

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