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1 May 1997 Edition

Soldier laughed at plastic-bullet victim

1 May 1997

Thirteen year old year old Lurgan boy Gavin McKenna was shot in the head and seriously injured when a British soldier fired a plastic bullet at him on Saturday night. Free article

Dear John...

1 May 1997

It's difficult to write this letter when I consider all that has happened over the past years. Free article

Jail tension as loyalists riot

1 May 1997

THE UDA HAS ISSUED A DEATH THREAT against prison warders as the tension in the H Blocks mounts following news that the British government inquiry into last month's IRA escape attempt from the jail is set to recommend a ``punitive'' regime. Free article


The hunger strikers' constant champion

1 May 1997

This is the sixteenth anniversary of the Hunger Strikes of 1981 when ten Republican prisoners died seeking the restoration of their political status as prisoners of war. Free article

"Change the face of politics''

1 May 1997

AT SINN FEIN'S FINAL press conference before Thursday's Westminster election Gerry Adams, Pat Doherty and Martin McGuinness called on the nationalist people of the Six Counties ``to change the face of politics'' and vote for Sinn Fein candidates across the board. Free article

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