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20 March 1997 Edition

Zero sums

20 March 1997

The electorate should have little tolerance for another round of ranting from the political parties on crime, writes Rita O'Reilly Free article

By building, Israel tears down peace

20 March 1997

Whatever else he may be doing by pushing ahead with the settlement in occupied land on the outskirts of Jerusalem, it is clear that Israeli premier Binyamin Nethanyahu is in breach of the 1993 Oslo Accords. Free article

Go on ye boy yah!

20 March 1997

``The last time I was in Crossmaglen was forty years ago, on the border campaign and we weren't firing balls over the bar''. So said the republican veteran I met at Croker last Sunday as Cross' swept to their first ever All Ireland Club football title with a polished performance which Mayo's Knockmore had no answer for. Free article

Remembering the Past: An Barr Buadh

20 March 1997

In the Spring of 1912, at the height of the debate on the granting of Home Rule to Ireland, Pádraig Pearse, in an attempt to raise support for Irish freedom, founded the paper An Barr Buadh and a political party, Cumann an Saoirse. Free article

Back issue: Strange Silence

20 March 1997

Within the last month, members of the UDR have appeared in court for raiding the armoury of their own base in Coleraine and, more recently, for keeping an arsenal in an attic for Paisley's Third Force and being a party to one of the Shankill Butcher Lenny Murphy's murders. Nothing unusual for the UDR. Free article

New in print

20 March 1997

Identity Ideology and Conflict by John D Cash The Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland By Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd Both published by Cambridge University Press Free article

Television: Shergar returns - in a can!

20 March 1997

Jonathan Meades is a delight. His last series for the BBC, loosely based around architectural styles in Europe, was inventive, hilarious, even, dare I say it, inspired. The man brings to television what most programmes lack, namely style and imagination. His latest series, Even Further Abroad With Jonathan Meades (10pm, BBC2, Wednesday, 12 March) has been a visual and aural treat. Free article

Dúirt siad...

20 March 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

News review

20 March 1997

This weeks news in brief... Free article

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