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20 March 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Get some kills.

British soldier on what his orders were prior to Bloody Sunday. Sunday Business Post, Sunday 16 March.

No comment.

Former British Prime minister Edward Heath's reaction to the latest revelations about Bloody Sunday, Derry Journal, Tuesday 18 March.

State sanctioned murder.

Martin McGuinness's reaction, Irish News, Wednesday 19 March.

There doesn't appear to be anything of significance in this new evidence.

David Trimble's reaction. RTE radio, Wednesday 19 March.

You will have to bear with me, because even after 25 years it still hurts. To think that all those years, the lies that were told, and not to face up to the enormity of what they did, what they put us through.

An emotional Kay Duddy, whose brother was murdered on Bloody Sunday.

David Maclean, the Home Office minister, has used most unministerial language to describe the IRA/Sinn Féin: ``evil scum'' were his words. It is time that ministers, in words more measured but no less forceful than Mr Maclean's, suggested to the Republic's government that it would be well employed correcting the gombeen culture that so troubles Irish affairs before turning its attention to British ones.

The Daily Telegraph editorial attacking the Dublin government for supporting calls for Roisín McAliskey to be given bail. 15 March 1997.

The nationalist people of the Six Counties have an opportunity in this election to change the political map in such a way that no British government will be able to refuse to negotiate with the chosen representatives of the nationalist electorate.

Martin McGuinness, Irish News, Tuesday 18 March.

Those who left Sinn Féin to twist in the wind, they have a responsibility for the breakdown of the ceasefire.

Senator Ted Kennedy in a speech in Washington, Monday 17 March.

If the trade unions would take a stand then people would gain the confidence necessary to stand up against this type of bigotry.

Trade unionist Colm Boyce criticising the Irish Congress of Trade Unions inactivity on the Harryville protests.

Tired, divided and rudderless.

The normally Tory-supporting Sun on the Conversative Party following the election date announcement.

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