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20 March 1997 Edition

No excuse now

20 March 1997

Pressure for a new inquiry into Bloody Sunday is now unstoppable. Damning new evidence from a paratrooper who was in Derry when 14 civilians were murdered by his fellow soldiers has blown the lid off 25 years of lies and cover-ups. Free article

MI5 in sophisticated recruitment attempt

20 March 1997

A County Armagh man who has admitted that he worked for British intelligence for two years while living in London has been ordered by the IRA to leave the Six Counties. Free article

US call for Sinn Féin at talks

20 March 1997

US Senator Ted Kennedy, speaking at a reception in New York on Friday evening, urged both John Major and Tony Blair to promise to allow Sinn Féin into the Stormont talks if the IRA ceasefire was renewed. Kennedy said there should be no preconditions to Sinn Féin's inclusion. Free article

Anger at RVH Maternity closure

20 March 1997

``The closure of the Royal Victoria Hospital's world famous neonatal unit has been averted following intensive efforts by Dr Joe Hendron'' boldly proclaimed an SDLP election newsletter delivered through the doors of West Belfast last week. Free article


Loyalists kill innocent Catholic

20 March 1997

``Unequal in life, unequal in death,'' was how a neighbour of the latest victim of the loyalist death squads described the callous and random slaying of Catholic father of ten John Slane. Free article

No green beer republicans

20 March 1997

Washington was the green capital of the world this week, as the Irish, first, second, and economy class, jetted across the Atlantic to what is now the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of US politics, the White House. Free article

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