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13 March 1997 Edition

Television: Hail Glorious Saint Patrick

13 March 1997

Well shiver me shamrocks, is it that time of year again? Faith and begorrah if the days aren't flying in but I don't mind, no, not me, divil a bit of it. Sure don't I love that time of year when Paddy's Day rolls in and we all get the chance to stuff the shamrock and say slán to the snakes. Free article

Editor's desk

13 March 1997

The NIO's very own Spice Girl, Baroness Denton, met some female sixth formers last week to advise them how to get on in the cruel world of work. No better woman, you might think.

First she told them, ``You must believe in yourselves and your ability to succeed''. Very good advice.

Then she told them: ``Still too few women are making decisions which affect their lives''. Yes, but... Free article

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Dúirt siad...

13 March 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

News review

13 March 1997

This weeks news in briefs... Free article

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