13 March 1997 Edition

Derry Harassment

13 March 1997

Sinn Fein local government candidate for Northland, Pius McNaught, has hit out at the harassment of the nationalist community in Derry by the British army, following an incident involving a Derry man on Wednesday 5 March. Free article

Landmine attack

13 March 1997

The IRA's Belfast Brigade has said that its Volunteers carried out last week's landmine attack in West Belfast. In its statement the IRA said,''shortly before a joint British Army/RUC footpatrol entered Ballymurphy around noon, an engineering unit placed a 2lb high explosive anti-personnel mine behind a low wall in Glenalina Road. Free article

New evidence in Walsh case

13 March 1997

New evidence which could result in West Belfast man, Christy Walsh, being freed from a 14 year sentence has been sent to Patrick Mayhew. Free article

Ahern blames the victims

13 March 1997

``It is not my role to influence electors elsewhere to vote for one party or another''. This was the starting point for a journey through the bizarre logic of Fianna Fáil leader Bertie Ahern last week. Ahern was writing in the Irish News and was, according to the paper, spelling out his view on ``the way forward, politically, for peace''. Free article

Pressure increases on Denton

13 March 1997

The sectarian controversy surrounding British Minister Baroness Jane Denton, who is in charge of fair employment policy in the Six Counties, shows that despite 23 years of Fair Employment legislation the British government lacks the will to tackle sectarianism in the workplace. Free article

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A vision for West Belfast

13 March 1997

A community-led jobs task force with a commitment to equality of treatment, a fully funded development agency, resources to construct new industrial estates, protection for existing local resources and finally an arts, cultural, heritage and tourism development initiative. These are all part of Sinn Féin's ``economic blueprint'' for West Belfast, published this week. Free article

Mayhew may release Scots Guard murderers

13 March 1997

Speculation that two British soldiers convicted of murdering North Belfast teenager Peter McBride in the New Lodge Road in September 1992 may soon be released was described by McBride's mother Jean as ``a further extension of a nightmare that began when my son Peter was shot in the back shortly after 10 o'clock on a quiet autumn morning''. Free article

British soldier assaults boy

13 March 1997

A member of a British Army foot patrol attacked a seven year old boy as he played with his friends on a football pitch at Lenadoon Avenue in West Belfast on Sunday evening 9 March. Free article

Mowlam prevents dialogue

13 March 1997

MARTINA McILKENNY, chairperson of Sinn Féin in Belfast, has accused the leadership of the British Labour Party of running away from its responsibility over Ireland. Free article

Basque resistance intensifies

13 March 1997

These are days of intense activity and high stakes in the struggle for Basque independence. ETA has carried out more attacks in the last six weeks than in the whole of 1996 and every day young activists confront the paramilitary police on the streets. Riots are now a common feature of life in the Basque country. Free article

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