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13 March 1997 Edition

The deadly chemistry set

13 March 1997

Studies show that chemicals in the environment are causing disease and death. It is too high a price to pay for inward investment, argues Robert Allen Free article

John Major's armed strangers

13 March 1997

I sat down for a cup of coffee late one morning last week as is my wont. I had finished all the housework of course (just in case Deirdre happens to glance at this article). The floor had been vacuumed, the dishes washed, the bed made, Caoilfhionn changed and fed and now having a conversation with herself in that language unique to six-month olds. Free article

Nicaragua's counter-revolution

13 March 1997

Last October, Arnoldo Aleman defeated Daniel Ortega in the Nicaraguan presidential elections. Aleman was the candidate of the hastily-contrived Liberal Alliance, a crude union of new wealth, former contras and shady remnants of the Somoza regime the Sandinistas overthrew in 1979. Free article

Dílseoirí ag gníomhú

13 March 1997

Ar an Aoine fad cúiseoidh an dílseoir Billy Wright os comhair cúirt i mBéal Feirste as foláireamh a thabhairt de bean go marófaidh í, bhí sé soiléir go raibh na ndílseoirí UDA/UVF ag cur lena gníomhaireachtaí míleata. Free article

Workers in struggle: Benefit myths dispelled

13 March 1997

If you repeat something often enough it ends up peddled as truth. Never was this more true than in discussions about unemployment benefit. It is an endlessly repeated mantra that unemployment benefits are too high and act as a disincentive to taking up paid employment in the formal economy. Free article

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Sportsview: Spice Boys!

13 March 1997

The townland of Killane has always held a special place in Wexford hearts - it was from here that `Kelly the Boy'' began his 1798 heroics and the Rackard hurling dynasty started their hurling heroics here. Now it's been revealed that Spice Girl Emma Bunton has her roots here, although it's doubtful if she'll be wielding a hurl or a pike in the near future. Free article

Remembering the Past: Drumboe Martyrs

13 March 1997

In March 1923, six weeks before the end of the civil war, the execution of republican prisoners by the Free State regime reached its height. Free article

Back issue: Strabane inquest - further revelations

13 March 1997

There were further revelations this week of an RUC/British army contrived shoot-to-kill cover-up at the continuing Strabane inquest into the deaths of local IRA Volunteers Charles Breslin and Martin and David Devine. Free article

New in print: The Wrong Man

13 March 1997

This is Danny Morrison's third - and best - novel. It is the story of an IRA unit in West Belfast in the period after the 1981 hunger strikes and of how they are betrayed by an informer in their midst. Free article


13 March 1997

On its publication Gulliver's Travels was a hugely controversial commentary on the politics of the day. Today its political impact has almost completely dissipated. It is now impossible for a reader in the 1990s to truly grasp the impact of Swift's work. Free article

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