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13 March 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

If the British government was trying to incite public opinion here it could not have done it in a better way.

Senator Maurice Manning on Róisín McAliskey. Irish Times Friday 7 March.

If ever there was an argument needed for the MacBride Principles, the Baroness has presented it to us.

Fr Sean McManus, Irish National Caucus, on the NIO minister's sectarian employment discrimination against a civil servant in her office.

It may involve taking these people away to an island somewhere and coming back with an agreement.

Albert Reynolds talking of a renewed peace process, RTÉ News at One, Sunday 9 March.

An inaccuracy in my recollection

Reminiscent of the term ``being economical with the truth'' Proinsias de Rossa explains how one day in Moscow became ten, in Dublin's High Court action by him against the Sunday Independent

Like Johnny Adair, the Belfast UDA leader, Wright was suspected of involvement in a massive catalogue of violence, but like Adair he was never brought to book for his alleged crimes. The RUC did however manage to summon the skill and imagination to incriminate them when they became political threats.

Ed Moloney, following UVF boss Billy Wright's conviction last week for threatening to kill a woman.

John Bruton is saying that partition is acceptable. We are saying partition is unacceptable.

Sinn Féin's Pat Doherty on Hearts and Mind programme, Thursday 6 March.

You can keep your Boyzone and your Take That, Willie is the boy for me.

An enthusiastic young fan of DUP MP Willie McCrea following his recent concerts at Belfast new Waterfront Hall

And he certainly was Spring Dicky when I got laid into him.

DUP leader Ian Paisley referring to his needling of Tánaiste and Labour Party Leader Dick Spring on Articles Two and Three.

Feckless and lazy

Ian Paisley Junior mirroring Daddy's views of nationalists early this week.

One should not encourage perceptions which do not reflect reality.

David Trimble, Prime Time, RTÉ Wednesday 5 March.

You can be certain that the opinion you hold is correct if both Eamonn McCann and Eoghan Harris disagree with you at the same time.

Derek Mooney in In Dublin magazine giving an interesting barometer for measuring your thoughts etc.

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