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6 March 1997 Edition

Trimble's Orange cord

6 March 1997

John Bruton is not renowned for his perfect timing or well-directed political interventions. Last weekend he made a statement which misinterpreted the Sinn Féin position on the issue of unionist consent and inferred that republicans should accept a unionist veto; the next day the extent of the unionist veto on the Irish policy of the Major government was revealed in a leaked government memo. Free article

US drugs hypocrisy

6 March 1997

Each year at the end of February, the government of the United States indulges in a remarkably slick propaganda exercise designed to convince its citizenry that the US is the innocent party in the ongoing `war on drugs'. Free article

Greaves agus fréamhacha na gCearta Sibhialta

6 March 1997

Cuireadh tús le léachtanna bliaintiúla Desmond Greaves i mBaile Atha Cliath ar an deireadh seachtaine seo caite. Seo tuairaisc ó Mícheál MacDonncha. Free article

Workers in struggle: Tiger tales of 1990s Erin

6 March 1997

Is this the Ireland you live in? Is it filled with happy employees boasting of their 12 hours a day, six days a week work shifts down at the local transnational plant? Are there thousands of unemployed people who are ``social misfits'', and workshy ``course junkies''? Are there local communities queuing up waiting for the IDA to come to town so they can ``ride the Celtic Tiger''. Free article

Sportsview: Confessions of a Cock Fighter

6 March 1997

I bumped into a lifelong GAA man at a cockfight on the border at the weekend. This is how the conversation went:- Free article

Back issue: International Women's Day

6 March 1997

On this International Women's Day 1982, Sinn Féin Women's Department salutes all women in Ireland and abroad. The war in Ireland is a people's war. It is a war against a colonially imposed partition and ensuing divisions and inequalities, a war for national liberation and socialism. Free article

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6 March 1997

The world premiere of A Further Gesture opened the Dublin Film Festival this week and a more honestly radical and thought-provoking film you'll find hard to get. Free article

Television: Big Brother is watching

6 March 1997

Republicans don't need television programmes to alert us to conspiracy theories. When Big Brother is bugging your phone, checking your mail and greeting you by name in the street, being paranoid is a healthy option. But the march of modern technology is making it easier and easier for the state to keep tabs on all of us. Free article

Editor's desk

6 March 1997

Big Davy Tweed comes across as the strong silent type. Former Irish rugby international, staunch loyalist, defender of Dunloy Orangemen, he has the appearance of real leadership material (though the fact that he plays an accordion in an Orange band does detract from that cool image). But I'm afraid his image was shattered by his first media appearance this week

In a very strange... Free article

Dúirt siad...

6 March 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

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