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27 February 1997 Edition

Television: Do you believe they put a man on the Moon?

27 February 1997

There is a conspiracy theorist in our office who is convinced that men never landed on the Moon on 20 July, 1969. The moonwalk was faked in a film studio and the entire world was duped. How we laughed when he expounded his theory. Well, the other night I found out he is not alone. Free article

Fógraí bháis

27 February 1997

Jack O'Callaghan Free article

Editor's desk

27 February 1997

In a letter recently to the Irish News (a paper renowned for its campaigning on behalf of the downtrodden) a member of the Royal Irish Regiment claimed that British soldiers were using drugs in a bid to cope with the long hours they are being forced to work. The RIR man said soldiers are being made to work 120 hours a week and some have recently sought professional medical help.... Free article

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Dúirt siad...

27 February 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

News review

27 February 1997

This weeks news in brief... Free article

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