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27 February 1997 Edition

Bridges and ballot boxes

27 February 1997

Mícheál MacDonncha sees efforts to restore the peace process continuing despite electoral confrontations Free article

Power politics - Leinster House `97

27 February 1997

Neil Forde casts an eye over the election prospects of the Leinster House parties Free article

A different Chinese revolution

27 February 1997

In 1994 Brian Campbell spent two months in China. He evaluates the legacy of Deng Xiaoping, who died last week. Free article

An teanga sa chéad seo romhainn

27 February 1997

Bhí Tóstal na Gaeilge ar siúl i nGaillimh ar an deireadh seachtaine seo caite agus bhí tuairisceoir ann do An Phoblacht. Free article

Workers in struggle: IDA's dead letter legacy

27 February 1997

Do you ever wonder how economic and social policy decisions get taken in the 26 Counties? We know how they are supposed to happen. Policy should be formulated by the elected legislature, voted on and passed into law. Simple really, isn't it? Free article

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Sportsview: Power Rangers!

27 February 1997

Most Republicans are familiar with the dreary town of Portlaoise; if you're not visiting a loved one in the jail, you're standing outside on a picket, cursing the weather and the Branchmen, and trying to wave up at the POWs. Maryborough (as it was once called) is also famous for its greasy chicken `n' chip takeaways, and Ireland's most exotic disco, ``The Wild Turkey''. It made a change to be going to a football match there and without a Branchman or a turkey to be seen. Free article

Remembering the Past: Edward Daly

27 February 1997

Edward Daly, one of the executed 1916 leaders and commandant of the Fourth Battalion where some of the fiercest fighting of the Rising took place, was born in Frederick Street, Limerick, in February 1891. Free article

Back issue: No Truce

27 February 1997

RECENT divisive reports have stated that a unilateral IRA ceasefire is imminent. Foremost in this speculation has been Irish Times reporters giving banner headlines and claiming reliable sources. Free article

New in print

27 February 1997

Holding the Line: Sir John Hermon - An Autobiography and An Illustrated History of Ireland. Free article


27 February 1997

Next week's 12th ACC Bank Dublin Film Festival opens with the world premiere of A Further Gesture, a film about an IRA prisoner who escapes with almost forty others from Long Kesh and eventually makes his way to New York where he finds himself involved in helping a group of South American revolutionaries. Free article

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