27 February 1997 Edition

Denton transferred sectarian victim

27 February 1997

Six County Economy Minister Baroness Denton personally ordered the transfer of a high ranking Catholic civil servant who suffered sectarian harassment in her Department of Agriculture job in 1995. Free article

British Army documents discovered

27 February 1997

Classified British army documents with instructions for using weapons such as grenade launchers and `Shrike' exploders have been found outside Gortin in County Tyrone. Free article

South Armagh Brigade claims sniper attack

27 February 1997

The South Armagh Brigade of the IRA has said that one of its units shot and killed British soldier Stephen Restorick who was hit by a single shot as he operated a checkpoint in the heavily fortified village of Bessbrook on Wednesday 12 February. Free article

Lurgan taxi driver threatened

27 February 1997

Last Saturday 22 February, in the latest in a series of incidents, the RIR stopped a Lurgan taxidriver near Craigavon and made threats on his life. Free article

Coleraine attack was sectarian

27 February 1997

``I am a Catholic living in a Protestant estate and that is the only reason I was singled out. It's just sickening to think that someone would want to harm a pregnant woman and her child because of their religion.'' These words, spoken the morning after eight months pregnant Karen McVicker was burnt out of her Coleraine home, contradicted an RUC statement that the attack was not sectarian. Free article

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Peace must take precedence

27 February 1997

``The issue of peace must take precedence over this election,'' said Sinn Fein Vice-President Pat Doherty during a press conference this week. Free article

Screws disrupt visits

27 February 1997

How one visitor to a POW in England faced the vindictive disruption of visits Free article

Hitting where it hurts

27 February 1997

I was talking to a guy the other week. I'm afraid to say it was in a pub as readers may start to think that I spend a goodly portion of my time in such places. But then it's often over a pint of the dark stuff that some of the most original ideas ferment. Anyhow, this fellow is from another part of the city, neither south or east; he comes form the place that people from West Belfast believe they need a passport to visit. Free article

Blowing a grand gesture

27 February 1997

Strabane Unionist councillors, in a bizarre exchange, have proposed making a ``pound for pound'' donation to the local British Army Benevolent Fund matching it to the 1000lb IRA bomb left in the town on 10 February. Free article

Underground monsters

27 February 1997

The side effects of genetically-engineered food are unknown yet it may soon be grown in Ireland. Robert Allen reports. Free article

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