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27 February 1997 Edition

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Back issue: No Truce

RECENT divisive reports have stated that a unilateral IRA ceasefire is imminent. Foremost in this speculation has been Irish Times reporters giving banner headlines and claiming reliable sources.
In supplied statments to this paper none other than the most reliable sources - IRA fighters - representing every rural command area in the occupied Six Counties, Derry Brigade IRA and Belfast Brigade IRA, strongly repudiate that a truce is either imminent or in the offing, and furthermore, they pledge themselves to indefinite armed struggle, confident of the support of the republican people.

The Belfast Brigade IRA statement emphasises its unqualified support to the leadership of the Republican Movement. The war of liberation will continue, and recent IRA successes substantiate this case until our main demands are met''.

All past truces giving British imperialism the opportunity to withdraw in an orderly fashion have been abused and exploited.

The revolutionary Irish Republican Army has drawn valuable lessons from these experiences.

Republican News, 26 February 1977.

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