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The Irish Volunteer - Volume 1 - Number 18

6 June 2014

Óglach na hÉireann Volume 1 - Number 18 newspaper, first published 6th June 1914. Now online. Free article

Redmond tries to take over the Irish Volunteers

2 June 2014

THE GROWTH of the Irish Volunteers from their founding in November 1913 up to the summer of 1914 was phenomenal. Tens of thousands of men enrolled and the founding of Cumann na mBan in April 1914 brought thousands of women into the movement. Premium service article

Doctors and Warriors

2 June 2014

Book Reviews: Dorothy Stopford Price: Rebel Doctor and Memoirs of an Old Warrior – Jamie Moynihan’s Fight for Irish Freedom, 1916-1923 Premium service article

Sinn Féin plans for 1916 Revolutionary Quarter

29 April 2014

GERRY ADAMS was joined on Easter Sunday by relatives of some of those who fought and died during Easter Week 1916 to officially launch Sinn Féin’s proposals to establish a revolutionary quarter around the buildings and lanes of history where the last act in the drama of the 1916 Easter Week took place. Free article

Drivers of the revolution

29 April 2014

Thomas Clarke. By Helen Litton and Seán Mac Diarmada. By Brian Feeney. 16 Lives series, by O’Brien Press Premium service article

Enemy of the Empire – Roger Casement

29 April 2014

Roger Casement. By Angus Mitchell, 16 Lives Series, O’Brien Press, €12.99 Premium service article

A heroine of republican struggle

29 April 2014

Doing My Bit for Ireland. By Margaret Skinnider. Prologue by Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD Free article

The Rising outside Dublin

20 April 2014

This feature first appeared in An Phoblacht/Republican News on March 28th 1991 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising Free article

The Irish Volunteer – Volume 1 - Number 11

18 April 2014

New online – Cumann na mBan and battallions of Volunteers, The Irish Volunteer - Óglach na hÉireann Volume 1 - Number 11 newspaper, first published 18th April 1914. Free article

The Irish Volunteer, Volume 1 - Number 9

4 April 2014

The Irish Volunteer – Óglach na hÉireann (An t-Óglác) of Saturday 4 April 1914 has 16 pages packed with news of the growth of the Óglaigh na hÉireann (Irish Volunteers) the length and breadth of Ireland, from Belfast to Derry, Dublin, Tipperary, Cork and Limerick as well as London. Free article

Cumann na mBan celebrated 100 years on at its birthplace

3 April 2014

IT WAS standing room only in Wynn's Hotel, Dublin, on Wednesday night when over 150 people attended a celebration of the founding of the revolutionary women's organisation Cumann na mBan exactly 100 years ago to that exact date in that very same building. Free article

Marion Steenson – Laoch imeasc na mBan

30 March 2014

MARION STEENSON (neé Murphy) is a formidable woman. She had to be. As a youthful 87-year-old, the most striking thing about meeting her is the clarity with which she recalls her upbringing in a republican household steeped in history and the fearless way in which she still espouses her beliefs without fear or favour. Free article

A wealth of 1916 info at your fingertips

30 March 2014

A MINE of information about Ireland’s revolutionary period began to be opened this year with the first tranche of military pension archives of 1916 participants going online. Free article

Centenary of Cumann na mBan

30 March 2014

THE founding of Cumann na mBan in 1914 was an important step both in the assertion of women’s role in Irish politics and in the radicalisation of Irish nationalist politics itself. Free article

The definitive history of the Irish Citizen Army and the trials after Easter Week 1916

30 March 2014

The History of the Irish Citizen Army and Easter Rising 1916: The Trials Free article

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