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Time to ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism’ – #SUAS

14 October 2017

Political, civil, church and community leaders need to speak out with one voice against sectarianism, just as they have rightly done so in the past against racism Free article

5 October 1968 – RUC attack Civil Rights march in Duke Street, Derry

5 October 2017

The RUC attack in Duke Street brought the Civil Rights struggle in Ireland to a world audience for the first time. It was a complete eye-opener to many people. Free article

Record levels of hospital overcrowding continue, says nurses’ union

4 October 2017

INMO September Trolley/Ward Watch figures confirm 8,101 patients on trolleys in September Free article

Is unionism up for genuine power-sharing?

4 October 2017

It is clear that, despite the spin of Fianna Fáil and unionism, Sinn Féin wants the institutions up and working for all Free article

Pearse Doherty launches Sinn Féin’s ‘Alternative Budget on the side of ordinary people’

3 October 2017

Sinn Féin’s priority for Budget 2018 is to invest in public services and begin the process of solving the crises in health and housing Free article

Stormont cross-party statement calls for loyalist threat to be lifted and condemns sectarianism

3 October 2017

‘Those behind this threat offer nothing but hatred and division and should be condemned by all political, community and statutory leaders’ Free article

SIPTU President calls for alliance of progressive forces to prioritise urgent public investment

3 October 2017

Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil tax-cutting agenda is a ‘con job’, says trade union leader Free article

Memories of 1969, by Gerry Adams

2 October 2017

The images coming from Catalonia of Spain’s Guardia Civil attacking peaceful voters will be strikingly familiar to all of us involved in the civil rights movement 50 years ago and during the decades of conflict. Free article

Time for DUP’s cosy relationship with paramilitaries to end

2 October 2017

The UDA and UVF continue to exercise considerable sway over working-class communities and they mobilised loyalists behind the DUP Free article

The voice of the Catalan people must be respected – Gerry Adams TD

2 October 2017

90% say ‘Yes’ to independence as more than 800 injured in Spanish police attacks on voters and polling stations Free article

Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil attacks on Sinn Féin ‘giving succour’ to opponents of change in North, says Gerry Adams

29 September 2017

Only motivation for attacks by Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil is their electoral fear of the growth of Sinn Féin Free article

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