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Media peddles British agent's anonymous hearsay as fact

21 September 2016

Media falls over itself to present discredited conspiracy theories that rely on the claims of an anonymous paid liar and British agent as fact with no evidence Free article

Republican prison crafts central to prison history project

6 September 2016

Unique exhibition at Belfast's Conway Mill of Irish republican prison crafts Free article

British Government should pay for legacy inquests, says Chief Justice

5 September 2016

The most senior legal figure in the North has said the British Government should pay for legacy inquests into conflict-related deaths Free article

Disrupting the community and ‘being played by the Dark Side’

5 September 2016

Eighteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, British security and intelligence services continue to exert a toxic influence in the North of Ireland Free article

Sectarian hate targets Holy Cross schoolchildren – This week in 2001

3 September 2016

The ugly nature of loyalism was exposed on Ardoyne Road in north Belfast when Catholic schoolchildren, some as young as four, were attacked by baying mobs as they returned to school for the new term Free article

Apple Tax scandal: Dáil recall as Independents back Fine Gael appeal

2 September 2016

Independent TDs back plan to appeal €13billion Apple Tax investigation as Sinn Féin accuses Establishment parties of being in the pocket of big business Free article

Forgotten Free State atrocities in Dublin

1 September 2016

The month of August 1922 was a period of vicious murders by Free State forces in the wake of the assassination of Michael Collins Free article

Protests against Turkey's war on Kurds

1 September 2016

Dubin protesters express support to the people of Rojava as Turkey ramps-up its war on Kurds under the pretext of fighting ISIS Free article

How do you like them Apples, Fine Gael?

31 August 2016

Protesters cover Fine Gael head office with apples as row over €13billion in taxes owed by software giant Apple continues Free article

Government must address exodus of healthcare graduates

31 August 2016

Sinn Féin Health Spokesperson Louise O"Reilly TD writes that the tide of doctors and nurses emigrating following graduation must be addressed, and that means a real reform of a health system in crisis Free article

Back from Palestine – Long Kesh Hunger Striker Pat Sheehan MLA writes

31 August 2016

‘The Palestinian Prime Minister thanked Sinn Féin for our long history of solidarity with the Palestinian people and he encouraged us to share our experience of the Irish Peace Process with all sides in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict’ Free article

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