20 January 2005 Edition

Digital Liberties leads the way - MediaLab closure doesn't take away from success of Digital Hub

20 January 2005

It is not every day a government flagship project crashes after burning up €35 million of taxpayers' money. The imminent closure of MediaLab Europe and the 50 jobs that will be lost is a shame. Free article

Spain rejects ETA talks offer

20 January 2005

The Socialist Government in Spain has, at least for now, rejected a serious offer of talks from the Basque pro-independence nationalist left. Last weekend had offered renewed hope for a negotiated solution to the conflict between Basque nationalists and the Spanish State. First, there was an open letter by pro-independence political party Batasuna offering to enter negotiations with the Spanish government, headed by Socialist Party leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Free article

Fermanagh nationalist exposes British agents

20 January 2005

A County Fermanagh nationalist who was targeted by MI5 agents in a 14-month long campaign to recruit him as an informer suffered a nervous breakdown and ended up being treated for depression. He also lost his job as a result of the recruitment campaign. Free article

Mainstream media ignores Palestinian deaths

20 January 2005

Since the start of the Intifada, between three to four times more Palestinians have been killed by Israelis than Israelis by Palestinians. Last year, the number of Palestinians killed rose dramatically, while the number of Israelis killed dropped dramatically. Free article

Judicial Review of Sinn Féin sanctions decision begins

20 January 2005

A full Judicial Review, brought by Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy into the decision of the British Secretary of State Paul Murphy to impose sanctions upon the Sinn Féin electorate in the wake of the IMC Report into an incident in a Belfast bar last year, will begin this morning in the High Court. Free article

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Anger at jailing of Derry republican

20 January 2005

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has called on British Secretary of State Paul Murphy to intervene immediately and release Derry man Martin Doherty, who was arrested and jailed on Wednesday for contempt of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. Free article

Woman and children attacked in Derry

20 January 2005

A Derry woman and two young children were left traumatised after they were attacked by two loyalists at Clooney Terrace at around 6pm on Saturday 15 January. The woman's son and his eight-year-old friend, who was wearing a Celtic shirt, had just left a video shop and were returning to the woman's car when two men, in their late 30s or early 40s, walked past and kicked the car. Free article

PSNI avoid blame as Orangeman gets off

20 January 2005

Sinn Féin says the PSNI deliberately frustrated attempts to prosecute a senior member of the Orange Order after loyalist bands breached Parade Commission guidelines during the Whiterock Orange March along the Springfield Road on 28 June 2003. Free article

Bogtrotters struggle through

20 January 2005

As the bells of Christchurch pealed out through the stormy midnight air of 7 January last, a group of hardy walkers set out from Dublin Castle on the annual Red Hugh/Art O'Neill walk, over 30 miles of it. Included in this band of hardies were a number of Bogtrotters and friends. Free article

Marie Wright

20 January 2005

There's a story told about Marie Wright by her friends and comrades. It's an account of a single incident that happened after Marie had been released from her first term of imprisonment in 1987 and before she was jailed again two years later. Free article

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