30 August 2001 Edition

Boy assaulted by loyalists in Newry

30 August 2001

Fourteen-year-old Stephen Mathers, from Greenfield Park, Newry was viciously assaulted during a loyalist band parade in the town on Friday evening, 24 August. Free article

Derry UDA abduction attempt

30 August 2001

Sinn Féin Derry Cityside Councillor Barney O'Hagan has accused the UDA of attempting to abduct a man in the Abercorn Road area of the city in the early hours of Friday morning. Free article

Family's lucky escape in double pipe-bomb attack

30 August 2001

The father of a family of six, speaking after they had a lucky escape from a double pipe-bomb loyalist attack on their home in Ballynahinch in the early hours of Wednesday morning, has described a litany of loyalist attacks they have endured. Free article

Sinn Féin meet British government in bid to kick start talks

30 August 2001

Sinn Féin North Belfast Assembly member Gerry Kelly, Fermanagh South Tyrone MP Michelle Gildernew MLA and Dublin councillor Séan Crowe met British Minister Des Browne in Castle Buildings in a bid to kick start a process aimed at resolving the four outstanding issues blocking the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Colombia spook set-up

30 August 2001

It is now clear that the recent high profile arrests of three Irishmen in Bogota is a result of the machinations of shadowy forces within secret intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic with an interest in scuppering the direction of the peace processes in both Colombia and Ireland. Free article

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`Drugs Cocktail' claims three in West Belfast

30 August 2001

The families and friends of three young men and the entire West Belfast community are in a state of shock this week after the bodies of the three, who had earlier consumed a lethal mixture of drugs, were discovered on Sunday morning in Andersontown and Ballymurphy. Free article

Derry solicitor challenges RUC on Omagh

30 August 2001

Derry Solicitor Des Doherty, acting for Laurence Rush, whose wife Libby was killed in the Omagh bomb, has called on the RUC to answer claims that it had prior knowledge of the Real IRA attack. Free article

Holy Cross blockade looms again

30 August 2001

As the new school year approaches, the prospects of a return to Holy Cross Primary School in North Belfast for scores of young children appears bleak after loyalists walked out of talks chaired by the Mediation Network aimed at resolving the blockade. Free article

The Agreement is not a final settlement - Jim Gibney

30 August 2001

Looking around the Irish Labour History Museum in the former army base at Beggars Bush Barracks, Sinn Féin's Jim Gibney expressed the hope that the day would come when British bases in Ireland would serve a similarly useful purpose as the hosting of the Thirteenth Desmond Greaves Summer School. Free article

Haughey's slick sales job

30 August 2001

Yes he is. No he isn't. Yes he is, but not quite yet. Isn't it very telling that ten years after being forced from office and in the wake of three different tribunals that have left his political integrity shattered, we still have Charlie Haughey putting susceptible journalists through the hoops. Free article

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