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30 August 2001 Edition

Remembering the Past

30 August 2001

26-County police state Free article

Back issue: Tenth victim

30 August 2001

BRITISH intransigence claimed yet another young life in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh, when Derry republican Michael Devine, after falling into unconsciousness on the 60th day of his hunger strike, became the tenth Hunger Striker to die, on Thursday week, 20 August. Free article

Siúlóid Sléibhe i gConamara

30 August 2001

Ghlac breis agus céad duine páirt i siúlóid sléibhe I gConamara thiar Dé Domhnaigh 26 Lúnasa. D'eagraíodh an siúlóid i gcuimne eachtraí Óghlaigh sa cheantar níos mó ochtú bliain ó shin. Free article

Closure: The Daily Reality of Israel's Occupation

30 August 2001

As soon as the Israeli army jeep disappears around the bend, a dusty minivan emerges from the grape fields outside Beit Ummar, a farming town in the southern West Bank. Revving the engine as he accelerates into the turn, the driver leans out the window and yells, ``Go! Go!'' On cue, eight Palestinian workers bolt from their hiding places in the bushes and run alongside the van, jumping in as it tears down the empty highway. After just a few hundred yards, the van turns back into the fields to evade an Israeli armoured personnel carrier at a checkpoint down the road. To get here, the van had followed a tortuous dirt path over the hills from Bethlehem - in which a five-minute drive became an hour-long journey. The return trip would be just as gruelling. Free article

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