9 November 2000 Edition

InterTradeIreland - first step to an island economy

9 November 2000

A new departure in all-Ireland economic development was launched in Dublin last week. InterTradeIreland (ITI), the Trade and Business Development Body, one of the six all-Ireland bodies set up under the Good Friday Agreement, held the first of a series of four road shows. Free article

People must take control of Bill of Rights

9 November 2000

The proposed Bill of Rights for the Six Counties is too important an issue to be left only to the Human Rights Commission, the Assembly, the Equality Commission or local government. Free article

Give Ombudsman access to reports

9 November 2000

Speaking on Friday, 3 November, the day Nuala O'Loan took up her new role as Ombudsman, Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly called on the British government to give her adequate access to past reports. Free article

Growing pains

9 November 2000

As Sinn Féin's growth in the 26 Counties continues, the level of abuse being heaped on the party by elements in the media and other political parties has also increased exponentially. Free article

Unionists threaten republican memorial

9 November 2000

Unionist members of Down Council are again threatening to have a memorial to IRA Volunteers torn down. Free article

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A nation on the march

9 November 2000

Twenty years ago this month, the nationalist coimmunity across the Six Counties was mobilising in support of the five demands of the Irish republican POWs, on hunger strike in Long Kesh since 27 October. Free article

Roisin O'Hagan

9 November 2000

Roisin O'Hagan died two years ago after a short illness, a death greeted with shock and sadness across County Tyrone and through the wider national network for republican prisoners. In a cruel twist of fate, Roisin died the very week that her husband, Sean, was released from Long Kesh. Here, a family friend reflects on Roisin's selflessness and courage. Free article

Call for All-Ireland energy supply

9 November 2000

Speaking after NIE announced a 9 percent hike in electricity prices, to take effect next year, Sinn Féin Assembly member Dara O'Hagan this week called for radical, innovative and imaginative solutions to the whole issue of energy, not just electricity. Free article

Anti-Racist initiative should be taken up by Dáil and Assembly - Adams

9 November 2000

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has said that this week's `Anti-Racist Workplace' initiative should be extended to the Dáil and the Assembly ``not just for this week but 52 weeks a year in their attitudes to asylum seekers, refugees and Travellers''. Free article

De Brún petitioned for Antrim ambulance service

9 November 2000

The newly formed Glens of Antrim Concerned Residents Group, which is pressing for an emergency ambulance service for the Antrim coast area, met the Health Minister Bairbre De Brún at Stormont on Monday 6 November. Free article

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