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9 November 2000 Edition

What new beginning?

9 November 2000

The letter and spirit of the Good Friday Agreement is facing yet another body blow this weekend. This time the blow will be personally delivered by Peter Mandelson, who in recent times is proving himself quite adept at acting for and understanding the fears of unionists and thereby undermining the Agreement as a result. Free article

A mother's loyalty

9 November 2000

Today, Mary Nelis represents the people of Derry City as a Sinn Féin member of the Assembly. In an interview with An Phoblacht's ROISIN DE ROSA, Mary recalls her initiation to the struggle against the criminalisation of republican prisoners with the shock of her son's arrest 25 years ago. She shares her thoughts and memories of the Relatives Action Committees, of which she was a founding member, a group comprised mainly of women - mothers, wives, and sisters - who campaigned tirelessly in support of the blanket prisoners and then the hunger strikers. Free article

Saol an Iar-bháis

9 November 2000

Tá rudaí rúnda i dtaobh Thír na nÓg a scaoileadh ón Draoi Rua na seachtaine seo. Free article

Remembering the Past: Fenian commemoration in Birmingham

9 November 2000

The fact that Fenian leaders were active in Birmingham is well known, not least from the pages of John Denvir's ``The Irish in Britain''. Here, the presence of Colonel Ricard Burke, of Daniel Darragh, and of Michael Davitt were reported. Free article

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