6 September 2000 Edition

McBride call for justice

6 September 2000

The eighth anniversary of the killing, by two British soldiers, of North Belfast teenager Peter McBride was marked by a series of events throughout the Six Counties and in London this week. Free article

Meehan makes debut Antrim challenge

6 September 2000

Long-standing Ardoyne republican Martin Meehan will carry the Sinn Féin torch in this month's Westminster by-election in South Antrim. The election, to be held on 21 September, is for the seat left vacant by the death of Ulster Unionist stalwart Clifford Forsythe earlier this year. Free article

Loyalists in hammer attack

6 September 2000

Ormeau Road residents saved a man from serious injury or death when they frightened off a loyalist gang who were attacking him. Free article

Mowlam bows out

6 September 2000

The decision by Mo Mowlam to announce her retirement from politics was hardly a surprise. In the last week, the rumour mill had started to crank itself up, speculating on her imminent departure. So when the former Six-County Direct Ruler, on Monday 4 September, made her announcement, the political obituaries were more or less written and ready to go to print. Free article

Details of investigation boost case for independent Nelson investigation

6 September 2000

Rosemary Nelson was an ordinary mother. An ordinary solicitor living in an ordinary house with an ordinary job. Last Wednesday night, this was the biased and totally unrepresentative image that ITV's Britain's Most Wanted programme portrayed of Rosemary Nelson. The politically sensitive nature of her work and the threats she had received were never once mentioned, despite the fact that such considerations were key to the circumstances surrounding her murder. Free article

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New Judge for Bloody Sunday Inquiry

6 September 2000

A retired Australian High Court Judge has been appointed to the Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry. Free article

Victory for Democracy

6 September 2000

At last July's meeting of Louth County Council, the council management tried, as they have done in every other county council meeting, to railroad through M. C. O'Sullivan's draft waste management plan for their region. Free article

Locals oppose dwarfing of Kilmainham Jail

6 September 2000

Plans by property developers to dwarf historic Kilmainham Jail and surrounding houses are being opposed by residents of Kilmainham and Inchicore in Dublin. Free article

Fianna Fáil councillors all out against Dempsey's Waste Plan

6 September 2000

Last Friday, Galway County Council unanimously rejected the Connaught Regional Draft Waste Management Plan. Free article

No change at BNFL

6 September 2000

Seven months have gone by since the disclosure earlier this year of systematic falsification of quality control records at British Nuclear Fuel's Sellafield (BNFL) Mox reprocessing plant, yet nothing has happened to create even the smallest amount of confidence in the British nuclear industry. In fact, the opposite is the case. The nuclear power industry is still unsafe, still badly run and even more economically inviable, especially now that the magnitude of the decommissioning costs of obsolete power stations is becoming more clearly known. Free article

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