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6 September 2000 Edition

US Congress discusses Patten

6 September 2000

The powerful International Relations Committee of the United States Congress will today, Thursday, 7 September, discuss a resolution in support of the full implementation of the Patten Commission's recommendations on policing in the Six Counties. Free article

Loyalist feud exposes Orange state

6 September 2000

For many northern nationalists, the photograph of a uniformed RUC officer standing to attention and saluting the coffin of loyalist paramilitary Bobby Mahood as the funeral cortege passed along the Shankill Road last month said it all. Free article

Sinn Féin calls for halt to British Army HQ expansion

6 September 2000

Demilitarisation may be a popular tune in public, but behind the scenes the British government is set yet again to expand British Army installations and barracks in the Six Counties. Free article

Brits face de Chastelain bugging claim

6 September 2000

The British government has been accused of another serious breach of faith after a report in the Sunday Times on 3 September that a bugging device has been found in a hotel room used by members of the international decommissioning body headed by General John de Chastelain. Free article


Lynx helicopter hypocrisy

6 September 2000

Sinn Féin Newry and Armagh Assembly member Conor Murphy has accused the British military of hypocrisy over its continued use of the Lynx helicopter in the Six Counties Free article

Transforming transport

6 September 2000

Peter Bunting's charismatic and articulate leadership of the National Bus and Railworkers Union (NBRU), especially during this year's CIÉ workers' strike for better wages, has brought him to prominence him as one of the most competent trade union activists in Ireland today. Here, Bunting speaks to An Phoblacht's Michael Pierse about transport, trade unionism and the Irish Locomotive Drivers Association (ILDA). Free article

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