6 July 2000 Edition

Lifting the curtain on gender specific persecution

6 July 2000

A startling 75%-90% of the world's refugee population is estimated by the UNHCR to be women and children. Yet discussion of refugees tends to concentrate exclusively on the `male' experience of persecution and treats women refugees as appendages of the male, very rarely dealing with the distinct difficulties which women face. Free article

Adams opposes EU military alliance

6 July 2000

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has challenged the Dublin Government to state ``without any ambiguity'' if it is moving towards joining an EU military alliance. Free article

Euro Parliament lobby for support on policing

6 July 2000

Sinn Féin met with Irish MEPs and group leaders at the European Parliament on Tuesday to discuss the EU's role in supporting the peace process, republican concern's over the police bill for the Six Counties and EU funding for Ireland. Free article

At least 170,000 children living in poverty

6 July 2000

179,000 new cars were bought in the 26 Counties in the first six months of this year. At the same time, at least 170,000 children are living in households suffering poverty and deprivation with up to 370,000 children under the age of 18 suffering some degree of poverty. Free article

Workers picket in support of sacked colleagues

6 July 2000

On Monday 19 June, four workers employed by the Carnbane-based MKF company in Newry were suspended on full pay to await an investigation into ``willful destruction of company property''. Free article

RUC forced to return Felons chairs

6 July 2000

Dickie Glenholmes, treasurer of the Felons Club in Belfast took charge of the 50 chairs returned to the club by the RUC last Thursday, 29 June. Free article

ESB defeats Cobh people

6 July 2000

Democracy received a severe knock last Wednesday (28 June), when the High Court upheld the ESB's challenge to a Cork County Council decision. Free article

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