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6 July 2000 Edition

Coalition banger blunders on

6 July 2000

Having scraped through last week's confidence vote in the Dáil, the Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrats government is now more than ever like a car with no brakes Free article

The challenge facing the Equality Commission

6 July 2000

For the past 25 years, the Six Counties has had some of the most stringent equal opportunities and fair employment legislation in Europe. For a quarter of a century, the North of Ireland has been able to boast of a growing and enviable abundance of laws and public bodies supposedly devoted to enforcing these laws, with legislation initially passed in the mid-'70s, reinforced in 1989, and then added to again as part of the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Not very healthy at all

6 July 2000

The announcement by Six-County Minister for Health Bairbre de Brún this week, of ``severe pressure'' on the health services, was accompanied by similar soundings in the 26 Counties. MICHAEL PIERSE reports on the crisis in health, north and south. Free article

Only the faces have changed in Mexico

6 July 2000

On Sunday night, 2 July, it was announced that Vicente Fox, the National Action Party (PAN) candidate, would be the next president of Mexico, thus ending 71 years of ppower by the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party). PAN secured approximately 42% of the votes, the PRI came in second with around 36%, while 16% of the votes went to the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). Almost 65% of the population registered to vote participated. Free article

Bové V McDonalds

6 July 2000

Rinneadh ionsaí ar bhialann McDonalds sa Fhranc ag feirmeoir caora, is í an cheist atá ag an Draoi Rua ná cén fáth? Free article

Back issue: H-BLOCK APPEAL

6 July 2000

THE BRITISH Government have made it crystal clear that they intend to remorselessly pursue their evil efforts to break the protest for political status currently being waged by the H-Block `blanket men' and Armagh women prisoners. Free article

Dúirt siad...

6 July 2000

The week in quotes... Free article

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