23 September 1999 Edition

Whitewell `peace wall' remains open

23 September 1999

Local residents from the Whitewell and Greencastle areas in North Belfast have demanded that the RUC take action to close the gate in the Serpentine Road `peace wall' after two more loyalist attacks on nationalist homes in Whitewell Crescent. In separate incidents, two homes were attacked, one twice, last Sunday and Tuesday. Free article

High-rise Brits must go

23 September 1999

A block of flats in the New Lodge area of North Belfast is awash with sewage because British soldiers have destroyed the drainage system. Free article

Aftercare not afterthought

23 September 1999

So, as an addict you've managed to struggle through years of subsistence living, anguish, self-loathing and possibly jail. Your life has been controlled by heroin, but now you've finally begun to reclaim it. Now that you're in recovery, what facilities are there to integrate you back into society and keep your life on track? Free article

Redmond - lone gunman or one of many?

23 September 1999

A complete suspension of reality was necessary to listen to the Flood Tribunal hearings this week. George Redmond, former Assistant Manager for Dublin City and County, was being questioned at the Tribunal on his last years in one of the top council jobs. Free article

1916 martyr should be honoured

23 September 1999

Following the exhumation of the remains of Volunteer Tom Williams, Cork republicans are hoping that the same can be achieved for the late Volunteer Thomas Kent. Their hopes have been fueled by speculation that the remains of the `Forgotten Ten' Volunteers, executed by the British in the War of Independence and buried in Mountjoy prison, are set to be exhumed for reburial. Free article

Ex-internees demand truth and justice

23 September 1999

Representatives from the newly formed justice group, `Ex-Internees for Truth and Justice', met with Billy Stevens, a representative of the British government's Victims Liaison Unit, at Stormont last Wednesday morning, 15 September. Free article

Maskey at historic Basque councillors congress

23 September 1999

Sinn Féin Assembly member for West Belfast Alex Maskey attended the inaugural meeting of the Basque National Assembly of Municipal Councillors in Bilbao on Saturday, 18 September. They event brought together up to 2,000 councillors representing all of the nationalist political parties together, including the Basque Nationalist Party, Basque Solidarity and Herri Batasuna and all six provinces of the Basque Country, including those under Frence occupation. Free article

Beneath an Irish sky

23 September 1999

Several hundred people came from all over Mayo and beyond earlier this month to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Volunteer Michael Gaughan, who died on hunger strike in England. Gaughan, Mayo man, is buried at the republican plot at Leigue cemetery in Ballina. Free article

Sharing the wealth

23 September 1999

There are 93 days left to Christmas, but even less to the third budget from the Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrat government. Once again, the focus of the budget is on tax cuts. This week, Fine Gael entered the pre-budget propaganda war with their own promise of a £2 billion tax giveaway. Free article

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